It really never expires?

Yes Really Coupon never expires been honoring it for years.

Do i need to remove the screens?

NO. We dont use pressure but we do use volume of water so it will remove all the dust, dirt and pollen. Worse case you have to wipe out your window sills

Will this hurt my paint job?

No. its safe to clean your home 30 days after its been painted.(YOU MUST LOW-PRESSURE CLEAN YOUR HOME EVERY YEAR TO KEEP YOUR PAINT WARRANTY INTACT)

Do i have to be home?

NO. We would be more than happy to come clean everything. Once you get home look everything over and make sure your happy.

Do i have to pay first?

No. Look everything over first. Make sure your happy. Then either mail a check or call to make a credit card payment over the phone.

Do you use our water and how much?

WE DO. We show up with 100 gallons of water in our tank but do hookup to your supply to offset our equipment. our equipment using anywhere between 5 and 8 gallons a minute. and most jobs only take about an hour

What do i need to do to prepare for your arrival?

Please make sure all windows are completely closed, no cars in the driveway, All gates are unlocked and make sure one outside water spigot is one.

My Vynyl siding is chaulky will this fix it?

No. It will clean the siding and remove any mold, mildew, dust and dirt. The chaulky residue on your siding is your siding breaking down from the U.V. damage. It might be time to do a siding rejuvenation. You simply hand wash the siding with murphys oil soak or any comerrcial siding cleaner/rejuvenator to remove the chaulky residue. ALSO and very important never hit vynyl siding with pressure you will blow water behind the siding which gets the house wrap wet then you have to fight mold and mildew behind the siding.